The alley was darker then ever. She could barely find her way around. Her heels kept getting caught it the cracks of the concrete. Great night to wear my new boots, she thought. Then up in the distant black abyss there was a slightly darker patch of night moving around feverishly. She slowly walked up the ally just incase up a head wasn’t what she was expecting. But once she got close enough she could tell. The smell hit her like a brick wall. It was a mix of Beer and Pot. It made her stomach do a couple flips then knot up. This was not a smell you go us to over time. “Doug.” She finally got up the courage to say. It had been a long time since she had been here. “Doug. Hey, It’s me. Airin. Remember me?”

“You! How dare you come back here! After what you did to me. No stay away from me! I don’t wanna go back to that hell hole!” He stumbled to the ground and grabbed his bag.

“No wait.” She reached out and grabbed his arm. It felt scaly and bumpy just like everyone’s did around here. “That wasn’t me. That was Emma who turned you in, remember? Not me. I would never do something like that to you.” It really was her fault. Emma had nothing to do with it. She got mad at Doug one day and told the cops what he had been doing in the back alley way.

“Oh. Yeah right. Sorry Doll. So what do you need tonight? Just the usual or are we upgrading to the special package yet?” He looked her in the eye gave her a wink, then smiled at her with his half a set of teeth all yellow and grimy. Full of chips and holes. When he looked at her like this, like he could see right through her, like he was thinking things he shouldn’t be thinking, she felt over exposed. She wished he hadn’t came straight from the party. Gone home and at least have put some pants on. But no, she still had on her knee high leather laced up boots, fish nets, tight black pleather mini skirt just barley covering herself, and a very revealing, blue tanktop. At least she was able to get away with her trench coat before the party was over.

“No just the usual for tonight Doug. Actually make that two usual’s. Here’s fifty. Keep the rest for you self.” She reached out and handed him a crisp fifty dollar bill, one crease going down the middle and the edge dog eared. He put the money into the pocket of his over coat, there were so many holes in the coat she wondered how the money didn’t always fall out and get lost. He bent over and took something out of his duffle bag. He handed the bag to her with his left hand and grabbed at her waist with his right. He pulled her close up to him. He was a good foot and a half taller then her but when he bent over she could smell his breath. It was intoxicating. She wanted to turn and run but she knew if she did he’d never let her come back.

“Now you be careful out there, doll. It’s a dog eat dog world. I wouldn’t want to see a pretty thing like you get hurt.” And with that he leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. When he finally let go she turned and walked away. She wanted to run but she couldn’t. She knew he’d fallow her if she tried to make a quick exit. She got to the end of the ally and turned the corner onto the moonlight street. Dark windows of stores closed for hours surrounded her. She could hear music faintly playing in the background. It sounded like and mix of rap and rock. Good that means Alex is close by with the car.She walked down the empty city blocks looking over her shoulder to make sure Doug wasn’t fallowing her. After a few blocks she glanced back over her shoulder and there was a car following her. Black four door Sierra. She stopped and waited for it to slowly creep towards her. The door flung open.

“Get in.” The voice had no face or body. It was dark and hoarse. It came from inside the car. Even if she didn’t want to she felt compelled to do what it told her to do. She jumped in and the car reeved its engine and speed away from the curb. A few minutes later it pulled over on the side of a county road. A light flicked on. Airin looked over to the driver’s side of the car. Sitting in front of the steering wheel was a stunning brunette male of 17. Blue eye’s as clear as crystal. Everything about him screamed upper class. But only few knew the real boy under that face. The boy that was not even close to being upper class. “Did you get?” He asked her.

“Yeah it’s right here. I got two. So we can get away with not having to see him for another week.” As she spoke she handed the boy a bag full of rolled up Weed, and regular cigarettes. “Why is it always me that has to buy everything? Why can’t you send Cheese to do your dirty business like you use to do?”

“Cause Doug likes you much better then Cheese. Cheese always tried to steal from him, but you on the other hand,” He looked the girl once over, “You he likes. Plus he always gives me a little extra for sending you.” With that he reached into the bag and pulled out a little plastic baggy full of white powder. What Airin could only assume was cocaine. “Now change into these.” He said patiently, while passing her a pair of jeans and an over sized sweater. “If I take you home in those your parents won’t be letting you out of your house until your forty.” She slid off her tights and skirt and into the jeans Alex had handed her. She put the sweater on over top of her shirt and rode the rest of the ride home in silence. They past her house and drove to where to road ended a couple hundred meters away.

She got out of the car and shut the door. Alex was right behind her when she turned around. He grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her up into the air. Still a little dizzy from the fumes of Doug her head did a couple spins then finally came and her eyes landed on Alex’s face. His perfect blue eyes shimmering in the moon light. “Plus,” His voice was so soft that Airin always said it would’ve made Angels jealous, “If I didn’t use you to get my candies from Doug then you wouldn’t get any from me and I wouldn’t be able to do this.” He leaned in close to the girl in his arms and gently pressed his lips up against hers. Soft but sweet as he always liked to tell her. He put her feet gently on the ground and took a step back. “You just keep getting prettier and prettier each day don’t you?”

“Stop it Alex,” She looked at him as her hazel eyes turned a liquid black and froze on his smirking face. “I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice I’m not going to have sex with you so stop trying. Now I’m going home before my parents get suspicious. Here, take your phone back, I don’t need it anymore.” She took a sleek silver flip phone out of her boots and placed it in Alex’s outstretched hand. “Goodnight. I’ll see you again tomorrow for the party right?”

“Yeah if I feel like taking you again. I’m not liking this whole negative attitude thing. You’ve clearly been with Ana too long. Ill call you tomorrow with the dets okay?” He kissed her check then got into his car and silently drove away, leaving Airin behind in complete darkness to fend for herself.

She opened her front door and was welcomed by a wall of warm air. It smelt of Vanilla and Honey. It made her nose burn. It was too intense. But after being with Doug any other scent was welcomed in her mind. She took off her shoes and quickly started walking towards her bedroom. She passed the kitchen when she was stopped by an outstretched arm. Airin looked to her right to see who’s body it came from. The body attached to arm was tall, blonde, and very pretty. Airin wished every night to be like her sister. “And where were you tonight?” The blonde girl asked her using her perfectly shaped lips.

“I was down at Erin’s house like every night smart ass. Where else would I be?”

“Not sure. You just seem to be sneaking around lot lately, and what is with those boots? Where on earth did you get those? They look like something a stripper would where.”

“Yeah I know they’re awesome!” Airin looked back to admire her boots. When she looked back up at her sisters face its was covered in disgust. “Hey I have my style you have yours deal with it.” She pushed past her and walked to her room in a huff.

She tore off the jeans Alex gave her. She took out her favorite pair of pyjama pants and her comfy old shirt that smelt so perfectly like Alex and slowly put them on. She turned on her music and climbed into bed. She let her dreams take over her conscience mind and drown out reality. Bright colors and patterns danced across her eyelids. Familiar faces popped in and out of her mind and before she new it, it was morning again.

The buzzing of her alarm woke her instantly. Airin rolled over and glared at the clock. 9:30 am. Time to get up and face reality again. Slowly and swiftly she got out of bed and walked into the living room. The bright colors of the walls blinded her with sunlight like every morning. Her stomach growled when she neared the fridge. It had been at least a good 48 hours since she last ate. The cold fridge air froze her hands when she opened the door. An assortment of juices, milks and protein shakes covered the top shelf. She reached past the first couple rows and snatched up a carton of chocolate milk. Her eyes scanned the kitchen to make sure no one was watching her. Slowly she opened the carton and finished off the last bit of milk. After she had some breakfast she went back into her room to get ready for the day ahead.

She stepped outside and onto a deserted road. The wind blew through her hair and tied it up into knots. Cars rumbled by on the highway just a couple 100 meters away. It was just like she was in a western movie. She was expecting a tumbleweed to go by at any second, but much to her dismay it never came. Off in her own world Airin didn’t notice that Alex had taken her hand and was pulling her down the lonely road.

“Where are we going?” She questioned him, looking confused. “I thought that we were meeting everyone at Cheese’s apartment?”

Alex looked down at her as a smile slowly spread across his face. “Don’t worry were still going to see Cheese. I just wanted to show you something first. You know babe sometimes I think you care more about Cheese then you do about me.”

“Don’t be stupid” she said.. She looked back to her shoes trying to avoid his cautions watch over her. He always took over protective to a whole new level. “Of course I love Cheese. He’s practically my brother, but I love you more don’t worry.” A lump in her throat was starting to form. As she blinked back the tears from her eyes and told her self one more time, It’s for his own good. Alex came to a stop.

“Here we are.” He spoke so softly. Airin looked up from her feet and in front of her loomed a giant run down house. It fit perfectly into a scarey movie. Just a few sadistic serial killers and they were all set.

“What? What is it?” Curiosity run through her mind. Sending thought after thought to the surface. Airin pushed them all back into her mind and asked one more time, “What is it?”

“It’s a house silly. More importantly it’s our house.” His eyes sparkled and turned a liquid blue. “It’s not that great now,” He said, “But Cheese and I are gonna fix it up real good.” Airin didn’t know what to think. She dropped Alex’s hand and slowly walked towards the house. Three stories tall, with great big shutters and a rap around porch. Just what she had always told Alex she wanted. Her eyes filled with tears as she took a step onto the porch. She ran her hand along the old molding railing, and a warm feeling flooded through her body.

Alex came up behind her and slowly wrapped his arms around her waist. “So?” He whispered in her ear. “Do you like it?”

“Like it?” She snapped her head up. Her hazel eyes as wide as can be and full of tears. “Of course not! I absolutely love it. How did you find it?”

“Remember the other week when I got a phone call at Cheese’s and had to leave. Well that was my dad calling to say that my grandfather died and left me his house. So I came down to see what it looked like.” He took his hand and gently wiped the tears off her face. His hand, soft as silk, stopped at her chin and cupped her face. Slowly he tilted it upwards and pressed his lips against hers. Her lips molded around his and slowly opened letting his warm breath flood through her. His hand moved slowly away from Airin’s face. To her shoulder then down her back. The lower his hand got the rougher the kiss became, and before she knew it she was being pushed up against the railing of the house. His hand came back up her shoulder and moved toward her neck. She tried to turn away but Alex wound his fingers of his other hand through her hair keeping her impaired. His hand moved toward her neck and started to unbutton her shirt. Airin had, had enough. She grabbed his chin and jerked it away swiftly.

“Don’t ruin this moment Alex.” She said in a stern voice. He released her hair and took a step back.

“Someday’s you seem to think you actually stand a chance against me don’t you? Well guess what. You don’t.” His head snapped to her face leaving her hand hanging in mid air. “Your gonna do what I say when I say it, okay? You listening to me bitch?”

Crap. She thought. Now I’m in for it. Fear filled her inside as she tried to back away. Airin could see the anger raising as he spoke. She brought her hand to her side and looked to her shoes.

“You will look at me when I am speaking to you.” He grabbed her chin and raised it quickly causing something to snap in the back of her neck. Blinking back tears she grabbed at her neck. He slapped her hand away. “I don’t think you're listening to me.” He yelled. Alex raised his left hand and slapped her face. “Are you listening to me now?”

She didn’t answer. He slapped her again, and again. Tears streaming down her face she still didn’t move. Just stay still, it’ll all be okay. Airin told her self. The more you fight back the worse it get’s remember. It’ll all be over soon enough. Airin closed her eyes and imagined herself lying in a field. Just watching the birds and the clouds pass by. She imagined lying there with a blond boy. No more then 20. Blonde hair, blue eyes. The spitting image of her brother. She shook her head and the image faded away. Her mind came back to Alex and his yelling.

She realized he was grasping her arm with her hand on the railing. She tried to move it but his grasp was to tight. All feeling in her arm was lost. Finally he let go of her. She spun around and quickly stepped away from Alex. But he wouldn’t let her get too far away. Breathing down Airin’s neck he pushed her down the steps and into the car.

He revved the engine and speed towards the highway. Nearly missing three other cars on the way. Staring blankly out the window, tears started to run down Airin’s face. Trying to blink them back she whispered a simple, “I’m sorry.” Under her breath. She reached for his hand on the gear shift. It was cold and clammy. He jerked it away swiftly, but then he looked to her face. It was torn between pain and anger. He could already see the bruises coming to the surface. He slowed the car and placed his hand on her knee.

“Don’t be sorry love. It wasn’t your fault. It was mine.” Alex leaned in and kissed Airin’s cheek. “I’m working on my temper I promise.” Gently he wiped away the tears from her face and placed his hand on hers. “It’ll all be okay I promise.”

“Stop making promises you know you can’t keep Alex.” Airin breathed between sobs. “You know that it will never be okay. You will never get rid of your temper.”

“I know but I can always try babe.” His hand grazed her cheek then slid softly back to the wheel. “Oh, and um, just wondering but, is that what you plan on wearing to the party tonight? I mean don’t get me wrong it looks great on you and all but that’s not really what the guys are looking for.” Airin looked down and her super tight skinny jeans then to her low cut blouse and jacket.

“No don’t worry I have a bunch of clothes at Cheese’s I can put on.”

“I wasn’t asking for a bunch of clothes.’ He laughed. “Actually the less clothing the better.”
And with that last word he rounded the corner and into the dark parking lot of Cheese’s run down, four story apartment building.

The music was infectious. The smell intoxicating. Red and blue lights shone from every corner of the room. Clothing scattered all over the room. Along with piles of people just waiting for something better to do. Airin just stood there staring blankly off into space. Trying to blend in with the crowd but at the same time just trying to escape to a safe place. She took another sip out of her red plastic cup. Alcohol pumping through her veins, she stepped out of the shadows and into the light. All heads turned to her. Why did I let them talk me into this? Airin asked herself.

She walked over to the bar where Alex was handing out drinks, and felt everyone’s eyes burning into the back of her head. At least she hoped that they were staring at her head. “How much longer until I can leave?” She asked him in a hoarse voice. “Every where I go another guy starts coming onto me. If I knew I was gonna be the only girl here I wouldn’t have came.”

“Oh come on!” He yelled. Airin could smell the alcohol on his breath. She took a step back. “It wouldn’t have been as fun if you weren’t here!” He reached out and grabbed at her waist, pulling her close to his body. His smell closed in around her. Along with his arms. He bent his head down to kiss her. Pushing her back in the counter roughly. Whistles erupted from every direction. Just encouraging Alex even more. She tried to use her free hand to push him away.

“Don’t do this Alex.” She said. “Please not now.” He pushed her hand away and pinned it behind her back.

“Aw don’t be this way baby. Don’t resist it. Where’s the fun in that?” He bent his head so his lips grazed her ear. “You just got to live a little more baby.” and with that he ripped off her shirt and pushed her onto the couch. She gasped for air but could not find any. Her mouth being covered by Alex’s, chants erupted from all angles. He forced his hand down to her waist and unbuttoned her pants, and then everything went black.

The sun broke through the clouds, through the window and onto her face. She struggled to open her eyes but something was covering them. Reaching up she felt duct tape covering her mouth and eyes. She grabbed the tattered edge and quickly ripped it off. Eye’s stinging from the pain and sunlight, she blinked back tears and looked around. The sun bounced off the bright Pink walls of her room and into her eyes.

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