I was walking along, the only one out on a Sunday night other than a couple passing cars. When I was almost home I saw someone wearing some kind of white gown or robe walking their dog. Saw the dog, saw the leash, saw the outline of the body in the distance, but no head and no feet. I watched as I walked home barefooted filing away the mental image, when I got a rock stuck in my foot. I stopped, looked down at the speed bump, and wiped it off. When I looked up they were gone. poof.

Who was that person, wearing an all white over covering, with no legs, walking their dog at 10 pm on a warm Sunday night? I imagine that person has something to say. Could be a story, could be a joke, could be almost anything. Could be what they had for breakfast that morning, or how bad their dog's ass stinks when it shits on the sidewalk, but they have something on their mind. Walking their dog as my ghost in the darkness.

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