Every five seconds (seven for the average male), I think about sex.
The rest of every minute is focused on bills, work, web design, family, debts (not the same as bills), food, coffee, cigarettes... I'm not too sure how much time, in seconds, is devoted to each of those things, but the more I think about it the more I wonder.... exactly how much can I get away with thinking about in a single minute before time runs out and my brain's capacity has been used (lest we forget, Mankind uses only 10% of the human brain's full functions at this point in our evolution)?
I now visualize big, gaping holes in my brain where stuff has slipped through the cracks and hasn't gotten its appropriate share of time or thought. Keys must be very low on the mental priority list since we lose them so much. Virginity is probably as low on the priority list as keys, but only once- after the first time you "conveniently" forget about your virginity, there's no point in trying to recall it.
Is this an explanation for forgetfulness or simply an excuse? "Sorry I didn't think to clean out the fry vats, Boss, but what could I do? There simply isn't enough time in a minute to think about some things and my brain can work only so hard these days. Get back to me in a few millenia or when there's less on my mind, will you please?"

Uhm... that probably wouldn't go over very well, would it?

I look back upon my life and I realize that there are countless things that I've forgotten, but I'm still not sure what they are (of course, I've forgotten them). I think I can remember getting into trouble for forgetting them, but the actual things I was supposed to remember.... pffft! Gone, just like that. They've escaped through the Swiss cheese that is my brain.

I can't help it, though. Must be a design flaw.

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