My Agnostic Prayer

It was a hard time for me. Things seemed to be falling apart. I was losing my faith in myself and I had lost my faith in God years before. On one particularly difficult night, I wrote this. Who the petition was for, I still don't know.

Help me to be strong, for with my strength I may bear the sufferings of life and my pursuit of truth.
Help me to be compassionate, for with my compassion I may understand others.
Help me to be honest, for in my honesty I will find truth.
Help me to be humble, for my greatest sin is arrogance.
Help me to be worthy, for I wish to be important in this world.
Help me to be brave, for with courage comes the ability to face the challenges ahead of me.
Help me to be dependable, so that others can depend on me when they need me.
Help me to be wise, so that I may understand myself and the universe.

And above all, help me to be virtuous, and reveal to me my own failings, so that I may take my place in the world and aid the wheels of creation.

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