My Special Child (1991)
cd-single; (1991) (US: F2 23733) (UK: ENYCD646) (HOL: ENYCD 646/3237332) (CAN: vkcds-43733)
Written by Sinead O'Connor

Say what you will about O'Connor (usually "basket case" comes to mind), she does possess an amazing voice and a talent for writing some really wonderful songs. In 1991, she released My Special Child as part of a benefit for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The song plays out like a very beautiful lullaby from a heartbroken mother to her child. When I first heard the song, I had thought for the longest time that the song was in reference to an abortion that she once had. So, for years, every time I played that damned CD, I would choke up thinking about how difficult it must be for many women to make that decision and live with it (note: I believe in the right to choose but recognize that the choice is an agonizing one to make and live with).

Finally, one day I was listening to it with a friend of mine in the room, getting all choked up again, when she asked me why the song did that to me. When I told her that the song was in reference to an unborn child, she just stared at me and said...

"You moron...she's singing to her kids."

Whatever. You decide.

Think about my little girl
Her yellow skin and her dark curls
And how her father's heart was frozen
I spoke to her and I said:
"You won't regret the mother you have chosen"
I lied. Where's she tonight?

I left him now we're apart
And I think about his cruel heart
And how his lies have left mine broken
To think that I spoke to him then I said:
"She won't regret the father she has chosen"
I lied. Where's he tonight?

You were precious to me
After all I called you into being
I wanted you to know that
Yes, you were precious to me

she has chosen

And I miss my little boy
I strayed away, so far away
And I need him tonight
To feel his hands around my face
His loving eyes
His happy face
Would be so right

Once I sat in my husband's car
Him in my arms, woke up and saw me crying
My heart wouldn't work
And this he did my special child
He touched my face with his hand and smiled
Oh boy, everything's all right
Don't cry, everything's all right
Don't cry, Jakes's here tonight
Don't hide, Jake's here alive

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