Enthusiasts know the many virtues of the mix tape, which serves most conventionally to turn friends and casual acquaintances onto a bunch of your more obscure favorite bands, and less conventionally can serve as great valentine's day gifts, themed soundtracks to listen to in every specific mood (like Jack Nicholson has labeled and handy in As Good As It Gets), or epic creations strung together to tell a story.

In any case, Muxtape (http://muxtape.com/) is a web site that gives users the ability to create digital mix tapes, and is aiming to redefine the mix tape medium for the web 2.0 age. It's got a beautiful clean design of boundless light Helvetica and blue-gray glory. As it was founded just three month ago (as of the writing of this node), its list of features is constantly growing, but in the meantime you can browse other people's mix tape creations, check out editors' picks, and tag your own favorites. I fell in love with the site so much that I publish a weekly short mix tape on Muxtape for my internet friends with a theme and great care to track sequencing for optimized efficacy.

The word "muxtape" can also be used as a noun to refer to a digital mix tape created on this web site.

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