A compilation disc from Dancing Ferret Discs, released 2000 in cooperation with White Wolf Studios. Executive Producer: Patrick Rodgers, Mastered by Roger Liam.

  1. The Cruxshadows-Deception (Ravnos)
  2. Seraphim Shock-Prey (Lasombra)
  3. Paralysed Age-Bloodsucker 2000 (Tzimisce)
  4. Wench-Heart of Darkness (Followers of Set)
  5. Sunshine Blind-Cold from Fever (Ventrue)
  6. Bella Morte-Fall No More (Gangrel)
  7. Carfax Abbey-Soul to Bleed (Malkavian)
  8. Beborn Beton-Hemoglobin (Assamite)
  9. Mission U.K.-Last Beat of Your Heart (Brujah)
  10. Kristeen Young-Rotting on the Vine (Nosferatu)
  11. Nosferatu-The Night is Young (Giovanni)
  12. Diary of Dreams-Blind in Darkness (Tremere)
  13. Neuroactive-Superficial (Toreador)

Meant to be a companion to White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade roleplaying game, with a song epitomizing each of the 13 clans, and played at The Succubus Club of the title, a nightclub set in the fictionalized World of Darkness.

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