Tired of noding about unrequited love and writing sappy poems that get down-voted? Finding too many nodes about masturbation and various reproductive organs in your user search? Have you finally run out of song lyrics? Disappointed that your political tirades are getting lost in the masses?

All these problems and more can now be solved in the Muse Exchange program. The steps are simple - find someone with a muse that you would like to borrow and ask if you can borrow this muse for awhile. If both sides are happy with the exchange swap. (Notice: guys noding about their breasts will be regarded with a certain degree of curiosity and may not achieve expected results - be careful who you swap muses with)

Just look at some of our satisfied members of the Muse Exchange Program:

EDB and Webster 1913 :

<EDB> Now that I have swapped muses with Webby, I find myself driven to make some nodes!


(Definition) by EDB


Units - See grade, grain, gram, gravity, gross.

Country - See Great Britain, Greece.

Other - See grammar, group.

<m_turner> see? You too can exchange muses with your favorite noders!

Webster 1913 ingests m_turner. m_turner was good victuals.

On a more serious note, often we get 'stuck' in a mood with a single muse talking to us - noding song lyrics or the disappointment of unrequited love or whatever. Not only do these become boring to read after awhile, but in writing them it feels like you are stuck in a rut.

One of the best ways to get out of this rut is to talk with other people and share ideas. Frequently, these fresh ideas from the outside will spark the muse in a new and different direction - a refreshing change.

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