Murder Burger is a restaurant in Davis, California. They also have a place out in Rocklin, east of Sacramento. Actually they changed their name to Redrum Burger recently. I think because some other guy owned the Murder Burger name. They had a naming competition for the new name. The winner got free food for life. I guess that's not such a great deal 'cause if your eating greasy burgers every day your lifespan is probably not too long...

Anyway, Murder Burger is right off the downtown Davis exit of Interstate 80. Quality huge burgers, baskets of fries and great natural milkshakes, though a bit pricey. They are also famous for their ostrich burgers, the new red meat, which taste great.

If you stop by, make sure you buy a t-shirt which has their great logo with the checkered flag background. It's essential to the wardrobe of any University of California, Davis alumni.

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