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Multani is a beautiful afternoon raga of Hindustani music whose name suggests that it originated in the region of Multan. This raga evokes emotions ranging from desolation and anomie to solemnity and compassion.

The tonal material of this raga is similar to that of Todi in that Re, Ga and Dha are komal and Ma is tivra, but unlike Todi the aroh contains neither Re nor Dha. Furthermore, a correct exposition of this raga belies very little affiliation to Todi. Whereas Re and Dha are strong notes in Todi, they are very weak in Multani and overemphasising them causes some Todi flavour to surface. Furhtermore, Ma is actually ati tivra, or in the words of my guru, "sharp as a _knife_." Sa and Pa are considered the vadi-samvadi, and Ni is also frequently sustained. Ga is usually approached with a hint of Ma.

Although Multani can be a little abstruse for the newcomer to Hindustani music or for one who is more inclined towards 'lighter' Indian music, it a favorite among true lovers of Hindustani music. It is also considered a speciality of the Kirana Gharana, and so some of the finest examples of Multani are sung by Bhimsen Joshi. My personal recommendation is on the first volume of a series of CDs entitled "Concert recordings of the 1960s", on which Bhimsen Joshi is singing Multani in prime form. If you would like to know more about this raga, please visit the sawf.org source cited below; it includes much more technical information, and more importantly, numerous clips of the great masters performing this raga.


The Raga Guide, ed. Joep Bor. Published by Nimbus Records with the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music

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