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Man Blames Muesli for 37 Years of Sneezing

LONDON (Reuters) - Briton Patrick Webster who has sneezed hundreds of times a day for 37 years may sue health officials after discovering that his breakfast bowl of muesli was the cause of his problem.

Webster, 52, estimates he has sneezed six million times in his life because of the ailment, which was so bad he gave up his job so he could try to find a cure himself because doctors failed to stop it.

"I sneezed hundreds of times a day, all year round," he told the Times newspaper.

"It was exhausting. I was so desperate to try to sort it out that I took six months off work and ended up in three different hospitals."

A private clinic specializing in nutrition finally diagnosed an allergy to egg yolk and oats he ate every morning in a bowl of muesli as the cause of the sneezing.

Webster, now sneeze-free for the first time since the age of 15, said he might take legal action against a local health authority after 60 doctors failed to find out what was wrong with him.

The Times said there might be one unexpected bonus for Webster -- the Guinness Book of Records was looking to see if he had achieved the world sneezing record.

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