Mr. Glass is the character of Samuel L. Jakson in the Unbreakable motion picture. If you never watched this movie, I suggest you to stop reading this for two reasons:

First: It is a must see motion picture in my oppinion.

Second: Here is written some things that will, for certain, spoil your apreciation of the movie when watching it.

The real name for Mr. Glass is Elijah Price, he is the owner of a comic's art store who suffers from a desease that renders his bones fragile, so giving him his nickname of Mr. Glass. This desease also gives him a mania of finding someone who might be his opposite thus leading him to cause several mass killing accidents to find someone hard enough to survive it.

He finally found this person in a train accident whose lone survivor was David Dunn (Bruce Willis character). They both soon begin a friendship when Price tried to further investigate Dunn's capabilities and encouraged him to turn himself in some kind of superhero. In the end, when Dunn accepts his holy mission, Mr. Glass reveals himself as the criminal mastermind behind not only the accident who revealed Dunn's powers, but many others as well, turning instantly into the archenemy of the Unbreakable in a classic example of comicbook's superhero created by a villan, like Spiderman, Batman and many others.

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