Made by Playskool

Mr frosty was, and still is, great. He is up there along with Soda Stream for the sheer pant-wetting excitement that comes from being able to make your own stuff as a kid.

He is a plastic snowman who dispenses crushed ice from his tummy. Just drop an ice cube into his head, turn a handle on his back, and eventually you will have a small quantity of crushed ice. He's basically used for making home-made Slush Puppies, and what could be better than having your own endless supply of icy goodness?
I think that Mr Frosty, along with all those other chocolate/bubble-gum/jelly food kits, provided this great thrill. You were your own boss, you didn't have to waste your pocket-money on sweets in the shop, you could make your own! Sure, it usually tasted like shit, but it was your shit.

As a kid, Mr Frosty would mean instant friends and popularity, these days it's an interesting addition to a drinking session.

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