A treatment for various kinds of pain. It involves burning or heating the herb moxa. When I was undergoing moxibustion treatment, the form my doctor used was: a small (~1 cm) cone of moxa on top of a small disk about .5 cm thick, with adhesive on the bottom of the disk and heat-conducting foil layered inside. The moxa was lit to smolder and the heat was conducted through the disk, which was affixed to the skin. It's placed according to qi meridians, just as in acupressure and acupuncture. I have no idea why this is supposed to work, but it got rid of my knee trouble. (Just remember to take the disks OFF before they start to blister your skin, or when they start to smoke if you have stupidly high pain tolerance. Oops.)

Possibly available from your local traditional acupuncturist.

Hmm. Good band name fodder...

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