Mount Jefferson is an extinct stratovolcano located in the state of Oregon. It has an elevation of 10.497 feet, which is fairly small for a stratovolcano, and probably reflects its long years of weathering. While just over 10,000 feet is short for a stratovolcano, it is also impressively tall by many people's standards. Mount Jefferson lies in the Cascade Range, east of the city of Salem, Oregon. In the Cascade Range, it is the largest peak between Mount Hood and the triple peaks of the Three Sisters.

One of the most interesting aspects of Mount Jefferson to me is the relative anonymity that it faces, something that is common in the Western States, which have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to majestic natural features. While Mount Hood, an hour or two east of Portland, is a well-visited and famous mountain, which is popular with mountain climbers, and also home of North America's only year-round ski lodge. Mount Jefferson, on the other hand, while almost as tall, and just as full of natural wonders, sits relative obscurity, just a little over hundred miles away.

Of course, this obscurity makes Mount Jefferson, and the wilderness area around it, probably even more of an adventure for the outdoor enthusiast who does undertake to go there.

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