Morton's Honey Buns are what I eat for breakfast every single day. That, and about 5 cups of coffee in my special tall cup. They (the buns not my coffee) are available in the frozen food section of your market if you're lucky.

I eat Morton's Honey Buns because they are gooey and sweet and go with coffee better than anything else in this whole crazy world we call the world. I wrote a poem about them:

Morton! You musta been a pretty swell guy
Your Honey Buns are pleasing to my tummy and my eye
Whenever I eat them I feel like a queen
because Napoleon's wife was Josephine
the icon on their royal crest was a golden bee
and bees make honey for my delicacy!

The shape of your buns is spiral like a shell
the outside winds to heaven and the inside down to hell
Did you ever think a breakfast food could hit you so profound?
If the meal had a monarch Morton's stickys would be crowned
Now my little ode to pastry has come up to the end
so spend the dollar eighty four and share them with a friend.

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