AKA mopoke and morepoke.

1. Australian slang for a dull-witted person, or someone who looks unhappy.

2. A comparatively informal name for the Australian Boobook Owl (Ninox boobook). It is the smallest and most common of the Australian owls. AKA (yes, even more AKAs) the Spotted Owl and the Marbled Owl.

3. The Australian crested goatsucker. It is interesting to note that a Google search for the Australian crested goatsucker will turn up only three on-line dictionaries and some E2 nodes (see Webster's WU for an example). I assume that the bird has since been renamed, although I cannot find what it has been renamed as. It is (was?) called the morepork after the sound of its cry.

More"pork` (?), n. [So named from its cry.] Zool.

The Australian crested goatsucker (Aegotheles Novae-Hollandiae). Also applied to other allied birds, as Podargus Cuveiri.

© Webster 1913.

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