MOP is the Math Olympiad summer Program, also badly abbreviated MOSP (a cross between a moth and wasp). It is the US training program for the IMO.

MOP is short for Maintenance Operations Protocol. It's a DEC proprietary communications protocol used in many DEC systems for things like, well, netbooting workstations. The VAXstations, in addition to many other VAXen have the client side support for MOP built into their system ROMs. Without this built-in MOP client code, we wouldn't get very far in netbooting the machines. This is because MOP provides the means by which the NetBSD/vax bootloader is transferred to the VAX client. To boot a machine from the network using MOP you need to have a MOP server in addition to your VAX's client implementation of MOP

taken from the NetBSD/VAX netboot HOWTO

Mop (?), n. [See Mope.]

A made-up face; a grimace.

"What mops and mowes it makes!"

Beau. & Fl.


© Webster 1913.

Mop, v. i.

To make a wry mouth.




© Webster 1913.

Mop, n. [CF. W. mop, mopa, Ir. moipal, Gael. moibeal, moibean; or OF. mappe a napkin (see Map, Napkin).]


An implement for washing floors, or the like, made of a piece of cloth, or a collection of thrums, or coarse yarn, fastened to a handle.


A fair where servants are hired.

[Prov. Eng.]


The young of any animal; also, a young girl; a moppet.

[Prov. Eng.]


Mop head. (a) The end of a mop, to which the thrums or rags are fastened. (b) A clamp for holding the thrums or rags of a mop. [U.S.]


© Webster 1913.

Mop, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mopped (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Mopping.]

To rub or wipe with a mop, or as with a mop; as, to mop a floor; to mop one's face with a handkerchief.


© Webster 1913.

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