MonoDevelop is a program being created by Todd Berman (among others). Its purpose is to serve as an IDE for GNOME environments to program using the .Net development platform. MonoDevelop is based on SharpDevelop, a Windows based IDE.

MonoDevelop is written in C#.

One of the most interesting things about MonoDevelop, is that they took the SharpDevelop code and rewrote the front-end into Gtk+. A lot of the SharpDevelop functionality is still there, including:

  • Using Microsoft's IntelliSense technology, MonoDevelop will suggest methods to use while typing.
  • The classviewer will break down the classes in your files and display the classes, methods, properties, etc.

There have been no official releases and it is considered to be pre-alpha software. For more information on MonoDevelop, visit the MonoDevelop Wiki:

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