A movie directed by George A. Romero in 1988. A psychological thriller about Allan Mann (Jason Beghe) a man who is unexpectedly handicapped, cutting off him vibrant life of running with bricks in his backpack. He is put under the care of a wickedly unpleasant nurse and his overbearing mother. Help comes in the form of a helper monkey his 'brilliant' scientist friend (John Pankow)steals from his lab. Things are not as they seem, however. The monkey had been undergoing some questionable experiments, and soon pandemonium erupts. I wouldn't want to give away the ending of this movie, because it is the only part of the movie with any redeeming qualities, if only because it catches the viewer completely by surprise. I would recommend everyone see this movie; not because of the acting, directing, framing, or other traditional movie staples, but more for the incessant and subtle insults constantly thrown at the quadriplegic character, the bad jokes and worse puns, but most importantly, that last two scenes. Suffice to say, they make sitting through this poorly paced movie more than worth it. Check the discount bin or your local Family Video for a copy.


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