The stereotypical American workweek consisting of 5 days of 8 hours of work is considered “full time” employment. Truly stereotypical M – F work hours are 9am to 5pm but also commonly seen is the 8 - 5 scheme with lunch not being paid time. More than 8 hours in one day or 40 hours in one week can result in “overtime” for some contractual employees. Salaried employees may work more than 40 hours but not get additional pay. Flex time employees may work 40 hours in a week but in a less rigid grouping, such as 4 days for 10 hours but that is no long M – F.

Another way of thinking of M – F is not the weekend. It is work time or school time, not down time.

Monday to Friday is an outdated concept in many ways. It mostly persists in non service related businesses. Most service related businesses are open weekends too.

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