Lar Gand is the real name of Legion of Super-Heroes member Mon-El

Mon-El comes from the planet of Daxam. Daxamites traveling to worlds with a yellow sun have the same abilities as those from Krypton do: flight, super-strength, invulnerability, super-speed, heat vision, x-ray vision, etc.

Lar Gand was a space explorer who visited Krypton just prior to its destruction. He met there Jor-El, Superman's father. Jor-El gave Lar Gand instructions on how to reach Earth and Lar Gand left. Due to the slower nature of his propulsion system, Lar Gand traveled 12 years in suspended animation, before his craft crashed on Earth. It was discovered by Superboy, who mistook Lar Gand as a Kryptonian and because of things in the craft, assumed that Lar Gand was his older brother. Lar Gand was suffering from amnesia at the time and could not confirm or deny who he was. Adopting the human name Bob Cobb, Lar Gand was called Mon-El by Superboy, because he arrived on a Monday and because Superboy's family name ended with an -El.

Mon-El eventually succumbed to the effects of lead poisoning, which has the effect on Daxamites that Kryptonite does on Kryptonians. The shock to Lar Gand's system restored his memory and he told Superboy the story of how he came to be there. Superboy put Mon-El in the Phantom Zone until a cure could be found for the lead poisoning. Brainiac 5 created a cure and Mon-El was released from the Phantom Zone. He then joined the Legion and is one of the group's most powerful members.

Mon-El is romantically involved with Shadow Lass

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