Magic Knight Rayearth, being mahou shoujo anime, requires that the main characters be accompanied by a small furry helper. Enter Mokona, the vaguely rabbit-shaped white thingy. Mokona guides Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu through Cephiro so that they can become Magic Knights and save Princess Emeraude.

The Obligatory Cute Anime Animal of Magic Knight Rayearth. Mokona can best be described as cross between a rabbit and a marshmallow with a round, red gem embedded in his/its forehead; Mokona can use the gem to create food, tents, flying platforms, force fields, pretty much anything. He's always smiling, cheerful, and genki, and likes playing games, including "Lets throw these piles of paper all over the room" and "Lets piss off Umi". He always runs away when there's a fight, which really annoys Umi. The only thing that Mokona can say is "Pu!" (pronounced "poo"), but Hikaru can still understand him.

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