My father works with a man, lets call him Tony S., that is rumored to have certain mob connections. Most of these rumors are stupid and completly false, and stem from the fact he has an italian sounding name and is a billionaire. (Yes, billionaire). Anyway, one day I was talking with Tony about the mob, more specifically...about the Sopranos. I noted to him that mobsters will always win in a fight against anyone for some reason, with seemingly little effort, even if the mobster is 50 years old and he's wailing on some punk kid. Tony then told me that the mob has certain fighting techniques, which are sure fire ways to kick anyone's ass. After he conveyed these methods to me, I began to notice that in all major mob movies (Goodfellas, The Godfather, etc) all the mobsters use em!

I will now share with you some of these techniques, in hopes that one day you might get into a fight and completly beat the living hell out of the other guy. Please note, I like to call the grouping of these skills the "Greasy Ninja".

1) Strike your first blow with an object.
Seems simple enough, and any object will do. If your in a bar, grab a pool cue or stoole and smash it over the guys head. If you in a residence, take a phone or a lamp and wallops the guy in the arm with it. After this first initial blow, your opponent will not only be intimidated but badly injured.

2a) If your opponent then falls to the ground...
You've already won in this case! Now just get on top of him and stradle his torso right below him shoulders. Make sure he doesn't have enough weight on either side of you to get up, and be VERY careful about him swinging his legs back around your neck. After you're on top of him, punch him properly until you see some element of blood.

2b) If your opponent is bent over in pain...
If this is the case, use both forearms to slam down on the guys back. This should send him to the ground. If it dosnt knock him down, you didn't do it hard enough, and should just do the obvious knee to the head to make him fall. After he is on the ground, proceed to step 2a.

2c) If your opponent is still standing...
Repeat step 1 until step 2a or 2b occurs. Your main goal is to get him on the ground.

This is the methodology of fighting like a mobster, but there are some other points of interest.

Punching -> Keep your thumb outside your fist unless you want to break it! The most effective punch method starts with an open first with palms upwards. As punch, close the fist and twist your hand around so your front knuckles will hit his face. ALWAYS punch with your middle and first finger, not the whole front of your knuckles.

Method of Punching -> Realize your arm is only about 3 feet long! Most non-mobsters punch from 4-5 feet away and end up getting their ass handed to em. The most effective punch is within 2 feet, and swings around your body. Make sure to put all your weight behind it, and punch through your target, not stoping where you connect. A person's chin is their center of gravity, hit it with power and they will go down. If you cant hit the chin, go for the nose. If you cant hit the nose, go for where the jaw meets the skull. A solid jaw hit could shatter or dislodge the jaw.

Strong/Weak Points -> Never punch at someones forehead, this is the strongest bone in the body. If your going to headbut, use only your forehead. The chin is the center of gravity, aim for it when punching and protect yours. If you're going to punch the chest, aim for where the heart is (the left side, the right side if hes facing you), this will cause the most damage. The groin (obviously) is a weak point, as well as the knees. The end of the foot also contains many small weak bones that when slammed upon will cause great pain.

Overview -> Your main goal is to get him on the ground and then start beating him. You should not square off and exchange blows like a boxing match, you should do whatever you can to make him fall. Remember to always try to get the upperhand with a weapon of some kind, this is a sure way to winning.

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