A small town in the Negev desert, Israel. Recently being subjected to a stream of hippy-like strange newcomers, seeking the "power of the desert", the silence, and the company of previous strange newcomers.

Being located on the edge of Makhtesh Ramon, a magnificent natural phenomenon, makes it indeed a unique place. It is just a shame that this town was built in such contradiction to the surroundings, being mostly made of rectangle shaped buildings. On some winter days you might see wonderful streams of mist falling and disappearing into the Makhtesh, that is a kind of huge crater created in some still not totally known geological manner.

Only two pubs, one inn and a spooky gambler's club gives you an opportunity to escape the solemn nights, but don't be surprised to find them empty, people are very family centered around here. If you come, do it because of the desert, the wildlife, the views, the silence...

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