Comedic character from the late-night skit show Mad TV. Miss Swan is an old Asian woman who gets herself into loads of trouble and generally pisses off others by constantly misunderstanding what everyone around her says or asks her to do, and by taking everything literally.

Miss Swan approaches the snack bar at her local movie theater.

Snack bar guy- "Hi, what can I get for you?"
Miss Swan- "How much this candy here?"
Snack bar guy- "Well, everything in this case is two dollars."
Miss Swan- "Okaaay, I take ehr-ree-ting."
Snack bar guy- "Everything ma'am?"
Miss Swan- "Yeh, I say ehr-ree-ting! You go."
Snack bar guy- "Alright... that'll be forty-eight dollars and 43 cents please."
Miss Swan- "You say ehr-ree-ting in case two dollar!"
Snack bar guy- "No ma'am, I said everything in the case is two dollars, two dollars each."
Miss Swan- "Why you lie, you mean man!"

Laughter ensues.

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