Mis*pri"sion (?), n. [LL. misprisio, or OF. mesprison, prop., a mistaking, but confused with OF. mespris contempt, F. m'epris. See 2d Misprise, Misprize, Prison.]


The act of misprising; misapprehension; misconception; mistake.



The misprision of this passage has aided in fostering the delusive notion. Hare.


Neglect; undervaluing; contempt.



3. Law

A neglect, negligence, or contempt.

⇒ In its larger and older sense it was used to signify "every considerable misdemeanor which has not a certain name given to it in the law."


In a more modern sense it is applied exclusively to two offenses: --

1. Misprision of treason, which is omission to notify the authorities of an act of treason by a person cognizant thereof. Stephen. 2. Misprision of felony, which is a concealment of a felony by a person cognizant thereof.



© Webster 1913.

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