From Red Dwarf: Back To Reality

The premise of the episode Back To Reality is that the crew of the Red Dwarf had actually just spent the last four years of their lives hanging out in an Artificial Reality simulation. A video game. And they only scored 4%. What a bunch of twonks.

The Ministry of Alteration was a shadowy organization that ran the lives of, well, everybody, back in the real world. The Ministry is led by the Voter Colonel Sebastian Doyle (formerly known to himself as Dave Lister). This organization's sole purpose is to change people. When Lister/Doyle asked a henchman, "Change them? How?" the man calmly explained, "You change people from being alive people to being ... dead people. No one has done more to purge the ballot boxes than the Voter Colonel."

Two posters containing Ministry propoganda were commented on by the crew: Vote Fascist for a Third Glorious Decade of Total Law Enforcement and Be a Government Informer! Betray You Family and Friends! Fabulous Prizes to Be Won!

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