AKA. Melinda Clarke. Born in Dana Point, California, she was raised by her ballerina mother Patricia, and her father John, who was an actor.

At the age of 18 she moved to L.A. to pursue her dream of acting. She was cast in a few small parts and did a bit of modelling before landing a small reccurring role as a jazz singer on Days of Our Lives (she actually sings).

Maybe you've never heard of her? Understandable, since her big break was in the movie "Return of the Living Dead 3" as the zombie 'Julie Walker'. This brought her great notoriety within the B-movie community, as the film gained a cult following and she even became a Fangoria cover girl.

After ROTLD:3, she made a series of flops including 'Return to Two Moon Junction' and 'Mulholland Falls' (I assume to try and assert herself as a serious actress) and guest starred on Xena as the amazon princess 'Velasca' before falling back into low grade horror with 'La Lengua Asesina' aka 'Killer Tongue', which also starred Robert Englund.

It's weird, I don't get it. She's really attractive, and she actually isn't that bad of an actress. I had a conversation with a friend about her, she said 'Maybe she's in on the joke. Maybe she just likes bad movies..'
I sort of agree. It seemed that at one point in her career, she actually did try to make serious movies, but in all those roles it seemed like there was a need for her to take off her clothes. I suppose work is work.

Selected TV and Filmography:

Spawn (1997) as Jessica Priest
Solider of FortuneTV (1997) as Margo Vincent
Nash Bridges (1996) as Abby Gordon
Sliders (1995) as Allasandra
Xena: Warrior Princess as Velasca

--credits from various sites on the Melinda Clarke webring

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