"A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero only one. Either way, you lose!!!"

-- Minax the Enchantress

Minax was an evil pupil of Mondain. Minax, a female Enchanter, was encountered in Origin Systems' Ultima II. Minax sought to conquer the continent of Sosaria. After the apparent defeat of Mondain in Ultima I, she took her revenge on the world by releasing an army of creatures upon Sosaria. Some believe the pupil Minax's power eclipsed even that of her teacher. In Ultima II, only the mysterious Stranger, summoned to the land of Sosaria by Lord British, could defeat her.

Minax commanded her evil hordes from a castle located in the "Age of Legends". In her castle, she protected herself with numerous force fields.

After her defeat, we learned in Ultima III that Minax was Mondain's lover as well as his apprentice. That union produced a horrifying offspring named Exodus, a child that was part human, part machine.

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