Kundera normally writes in Czech, although interestingly he has lately been writing in French instead of his native language. Those who are familiar with his works may have noticed the change in timbre of his always spellbinding prose.

Earlier works share a common thread of individual vs. the state; once the iron curtain was lifted, more esoteric themes, which were always present in the earlier works, rose to the surface. Having felt the heavy hand of censorship himself (he lived in exile for a number of years), he often writes about censorship in many forms - censorship of art, censorship of emotions, censorship of the normal, sometimes unpleasant goings-on of everyday life. As he states in The Unbearable Lightness of Being, "kitsch is the denial of shit."

His essays concerning the nature of writing (which, for him, is solidly bound to art, music, and history) are beautifully written and often challenge one's preconceptions.
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