Boxing ring announcer famous worldwide for the phrase "Let's get ready to rumble".

Buffer (DOB: 11/2/1944; native of Philadelphia) has made a whole career out of those 5 words, appearing as himself in movies (such as Rocky V and Harlem Nights), television shows (South Park, The Simpsons, and Friends, among many others), and just about anywhere else that needs him to bellow his claim to fame (which Buffer has actually had trademarked and has sued others to protect).

According to a 1998 interview found on a British site called "Boxing Monthly", Buffer originally experimented with other catch phrases, including "Man your battle stations, because we're going to war", before first using "Let's get ready to rumble" in 1983.

Now he's famous worldwide and in addition to his television and movie appearances, also has been contracted for several fighting video games.

Buffer has his own website ( where he advertises his services and sells clothing and other items with "Let's get ready to rumble".

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