Micetro, or Micetro Impro©, is a competitive elimination-based improvisational theatre format created by Keith Johnstone and the Loose Moose Theatre Company of Calgary, Alberta.

Improvisers (twelve to twenty) get points for performing in scenes set up by two directors. The audience votes on each scene on a scale of 1 (awful) to 5 (excellent). As the performance goes on, the lowest scoring improvisers are eliminated, until there is one winner at the end of the night, the "micetro" (maestro), who goes home with a block of cheese. Or a five dollar bill.


  • Having the players wear numbers can help the audience keep track of who's who, rather than using everyone's name.
  • Start the final round when there are 3-5 improvisers left. A final round of solo scenes can maximize suspense and audience interest in the competition.
  • Not really a "fair" format for the actors, in that they can be eliminated because the audience didn't like their scene, which may or may not have anything to do with their own individual talent. Still, the "Survivor" aspect of the show can hook an audience.
  • While there are directors in this format like Gorilla Theatre, the show is not a directorial competiton. The directors are there to help the improvisers look good.
  • A good format for mixing up improvisers of varying levels of experience.
  • Licensed by the International TheatreSports Institute.

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