Merle Saunders had been tickling the ivories for some 35-odd years. He is one of the many people in the history of Jam that often get overlooked.

Merle has collaborated with many of the most revered musicians in the business including Harry Belefonte, John Popper, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Trey Anastasio and of course Jerry Garcia. He even aprenticed with the Organ great Jimmy Smith.

Merle's Hammond B3 has touched upon so many genre's of music from Jazz to Blues to New Age to Rock.

One of his several albums with Jerry Garcia, Blues From the Rainforest, hit the Top 5 of the U.S. Billboard New Age charts in the early '90s.

1972 Heavy Turbulence - Fantasy Records
1973 Fire Up - Fantasy Records
1973 Keystone Encores, Vol. 1 - live Fantasy
1973 Live at Keystone - Fantasy
1973 Live at Keystone, Vol. 1 - Fantasy
1973 Live at the Keystone, Vol. 2 - Fantasy
1976 You Can Keep Your Hat On - Fantasy
1987 Meridien Dreams: Solo Piano #1 - Sumertone
1989 Keystone Encores, Vol. 2 - Fantasy
1990 Blues from the Rainforest: A Musical Suite - Grateful Dead Records
1992 It's in the Air - Sur Records
1997 Keepers live - Fantasy
1998 Fiesta Amazonica - Sumertone
1998 With His Funky Friends: Live - Sumertone
2000 Struggling Man - Relix Records

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