The Memory Translator Hub (MTH) is a small chip on the CC820 Intel Motherboard. This chip is design to translate the RDRAM memory signals, which are the board's native signals, into SDRAM signals. This is done because Intel found out too late the Rambus RAM (RDRAM) was much too expensive for most people to afford ($600 - $800 for 128MB). Intel created a new board with SDRAM slots on it, without changing the base hardware. Enter the MTH. It allowed Intel to cheaply convert the RDRAM based 820 chipset to SDRAM.

Unfortunately for Intel the chip is defective. According to their web site, the chip is sound sensitive, whatever that means. In effect, it causes the system to randomly re-boot without warning. I have experienced this several times, and it really sucks. You're doing whatever and BAM! the system restarts. Intel has issued a recall on all boards with the MTH. Visit the MTH support website at "". If you know you have the CC820 motherboard and wish to replace it, you can call Intel at 1-800-628-8686 and there should be an MTH option on the phone service. The replacement option is a VC820 motherboard (the RDRAM version) with 128MB of (I think) PC700 RDRAM.

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