Medusa Head is an invasive grass which is taking over many areas of California. It invades pastureland, and is unpalatable to livestock. It invades natural preserves and ruins biodiversity. And it burns really damn well. Medusa Head is charactarized by a nasty, stringy seedhead, which i guess could be considered similar to Medusa's snaky head. It's tough to get rid of, but as i mentioned earlier, fire does a good number on it if used at the right time. So, I've had the opportunity to torch some of the stuff (in 'prescribed burns') and it's quite an enjoyable experience. Fire is a neat thing. And after the fire has moved through, the little seedheads stay laying on the ground, black and limp. There was some controversy over whether or not the seeds were still viable until someone touched one - it crumbled in his hand. So.. dont try burning off medusa-head at home, but if you want a chance to burn, try contacting The Nature Conservancy.

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