Seriously. In today's world, effort is not required. As sad as it is, the same level of success can be achieved with a near complete lack of effort. There are enough other people busting their asses to carry you through. It's true, I swear.

Case Study:

I work at a supermarket. A former co-worker of mine (I won't say his name but it rhymes with Schmatthew Nason) was a complete fucking idiot. Words could not describe how much I loathed him on a fundamental level, but I didn't even know why I hated the guy. The reason I eventually realized was that I envied him. He had realized the secret to the job we both had. You see, instead of working, he spent most of his time walking around, talking to cashieres, and ignoring his job. He knew that all he had to do was work JUST GOOD ENOUGH TO NOT GET HIS ASS FIRED. The other workers in his dept. (including me) ended up doing half of his share of the work, since we were all collectively responsible. And this is why I didn't like him. He got away with doing a third of the work that he was supposed to, but got just as much credit as us. For him, mediocrity paid off (in the form of a paycheck that he didn't truly honestly earn).

My point, once again. Living in a stable state of comfortable mediocrity is bliss.

At least relating to some of the things that you don't like to do.

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