pronounced MEDV, or more simply MAEV. means "meed" or "drunk on meed"

Medb (or really Medhbh), queen of Connacht and daughter of Eochaid, High King of Ireland, supposedly at the time of Christ.

The most beautiful, generous, and gracious of the daughters of Eochaid, she was also the deadliest, and could hold her own with any man.

Considering herself equal to her husband Ailill (and perhaps more than equal, as he always did seem a bit wishy-washy), she added up all her belonging, added up all of his, and found herself lacking only one bull. Resourceful woman that she was, she offered both her and her daughter Findabhar as one-night stands to Conchobor mac Nessa, her ex-lover, if she could have his Brown Bull of Cooley. He, being more enamored with the hapless Deirdre, refused. "Well, if you're gonna be a jerk about it, I declare war!" And so the Tain Bo Cuailnge took place.

It is thought that Medb later became incorporated into fairy lore as Queen Mab or Maeve, whose husband was Oberon. As such, she is equated with Titiana. This is fitting, as Titiana and Oberon went to war over who was more powerful, just as Medb and Ailill did.

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