Meco Monardo, a musician who had a Big Hit Record in 1977 with his disco version of the Star Wars theme. Yes, even back then people were cashing in with cheesy tie-in merchandise. It was also an early sign that disco would eat anything in its path on its way to world domination, even a bland John Williams appetizer. Disco said to me one day, "Needs salt". But I digress. One shouldn't confuse Meco with the altogether-different MEGO, though the end result of each is similar.

MECO is also an acronym for Main Engine Cut-Off, which is a crucial point during a Space Shuttle launch. It signifies the point at which the main engines on the orbiter stop thrusting; at this point, the Shuttle has enough velocity to reach the planned orbit either directly (called direct insertion - ooo!) or using the OMS thrusters alone.

Immediately after MECO, the External Tank is jettisoned and begins its fall back into the atmosphere. MECO typically occurs at around 68 or 69 miles of altitude.

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