The name of European soccer clubs often consists of one of the abbreviations down there plus the city name plus sometimes the year in which the club was founded. Some also use a 1. in front of their name to indicate that they are the first soccer (or sports) club founded in this city. There are very few teams which use American sports style names (like Ravens or Lakers] or the name of a sponsor (Bayer 04 Leverkusen is one of the few). Beside these there are some clubs which have Latin words (Borussia is in the list below) like Concordia. This list is only the beginning as there are nearly as many naming schemes as clubs.

FC - Fussballclub (soccer club)
SC - Sportclub (sports club)
xSC - same as above but the first letter is sometimes the beginning letter of the hometown
SV - Sportverein (should be sports club,too)
Borussia - Latin name for Prussia
Energie - power. Often used in the former Soviet block as an association to a certain factory (others are transformer factory, dynamo etc.)
Eintracht - concord
Hansa - refernence to the Hanse
SpVgg - Spielvereinigung (game union)
VFB - Verein für Ballsport (club for ballsports)
VFL - Verein für Leibesübungen (club for physical education)
SSV - Schwimm- und Sportverein (swimming and sports club)
LR - Leichtathletik Rasensport (athletics lawnsports)
This are the frequently used abbreviations in the names of German soccer clubs. I hope some other noders can add information about other countries.

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