As you can probably guess, the McFeast Deluxe is a burger made by McDonalds (Duh!). Until it's Australia wide demise a few years ago this was by far my favourite burger - and favourite of many other that I know. Imagine my delight then when I walk up to a Maccas in New Zealand and find that my beloved McFeast still lives! Alas I do not reside in that fair country and as such my access to this work of takeaway art is once again lost.

For those who bother to count calories (as I no doubt will need to down the track) it might be interesting to learn that (aside from the double quater pounder) the McFeast is the Fattiest item on the McDonalds Menu. At 32.4 grams it narrowly outweighs the Big breakfast (31.3g) and the Quarter pounder (28.7g). Tasty? Yes. Healthy?

From memory the ingredients are thus:
  • 4:1 (Maccas-speak for a quarter of a pound) Beef patty
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cheese
  • Grilled onion
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • "Deluxe sauce" (If anyone knows what this actually is please drop me a /msg)
  • Sesame seed bun (large)

"Yeah, it sounds good, but that's an awful lot of fat..." I hear you say - well fear not fair noders, for McDonalds has provided a rebuttal in on of their nutritional leaflets, which proudly boasts:

"Fat is the most concentrated form of energy available"

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