Baldur's Gate II character. Mazzy is an interesting one... she has a number of interesting special abilities that make her much more than a mere fighter and closer to what a halfling equilivant of a Paladin might look like. People tell me she's great, but by the time I had the option to pick Mazzy up I was happy with how my party looked anyway. Plus: only being a pseudo-Paladin, she can't wield the Holy Avenger, so that docked her some points in my book.

(She's also gorgeous - but then again, she's also a video game girl. So, whatever...)

Normally, her strength would be a liability for a fighter - since all she's going to do is hit people I demand my fighters have serious strength. But in BGII there are at least four normal items that massively increase your strength - so once you donate one of those to the Mazzy cause she becomes much more worthwhile.

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 13

Race: Halfling
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Good

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