Maywood Park, in full the The City of Maywood Park is a neighborhood in the outer part of NE Portland, OR. It is rather small for a Portland neighborhood, taking in about 10 or 12 square blocks in its roughly triangular shaped. Most of the houses in the neighborhood look much like what most squarly middle class homes in the Eastern side of Portland would look like.

In other words, the only thing interesting about this neighborhood of about 800 people is that it is legally a city, as the name would imply. There is a mayor and a city council, just like Portland, Maywood Park's neighbor on all 4 sides.

The story of how this collection of homes became a city is interesting, although perhaps not earthshakingly so. When I-205 was being built, the residence of this district didn't want to have their lives disturbed too much by the concrete dragon, and they figured that if they were an actual city, they would have more political pull then as just a group of citizens. And thus, the City of Maywood Park was born, and survives to this day.

The city hall is not actually within city limits. It is in Portland, OR.

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