A Comedy / Romance film by Ben Elton dealing with the unsuccesful efforts of a married couple to conceive a baby.

Has the usual smattering of notable Britsh actors, such as Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson and Joanna Lumley, but is altogether an unremarkable film. It is not without it's good points, however. Hugh Laurie puts in a fantastic performance in the lead male role, completely unlike his role in Blackadder (where he played the pompous and moronic Prince Regent). It got the occasional giggle from me, but toward the end I was just waiting for it to finish.


Just when it looks as though it will end in Shakespearian tragedy style, Ben Elton seems to rethink and write a mushy "and they all lived happily ever after" ending. It's almost as if the tragic character of Sam Bell at the end of the film didn't win the punters approval and he re-wrote it. This is based on Elton's book but I have no information as to how closely the film follows the book in terms of the ending.

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