Somehow, I have managed to hurt myself. :-P

I have impingement syndrome in my right shoulder. This means that those nights I end up sleeping on my right side I typically wake up with my right shoulder and arm hurting fairly badly. This happened yesterday morning. In a fit of optimism, I attempted to stretch it out, hoping the majority of the pain was muscular. That didn't seem to help much. I then spent a few hours lying on the sofa with a pillow under my right shoulder blade, and somehow managed to pull muscles in my back such that I'm no in pain from my right shoulder down the shoulder blade to somewhere around mid-back.


On the plus side, this has nothing to do with the surgery, which continues to heal apace, I can only assume. The incisions are healing, and I must perforce assume the stomach staple line is as well. I continue on clear liquids, with an occasional protein shake to break the monotony. I have my first follow-up visit with the surgeons on Wednesday morning. There is a small chance they will clear me to progress to 'thick liquids' which would let me have such culinary wonders as, say, Campbell's chicken noodle soup.

Did some remote work today. Since I'm heading downtown to my GP doc's office tomorrow morning, I will continue on to the office and see if I can work out the remainder of the day.

Weight: 302.2 lbs - down 29 lbs in 21 days.

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