Didn't do much today.

I've been in the house since arriving home Wed. evening. Condition steadily improving; I'm still on pain medication for my stomach, but I'm taking it less frequently. The surgery team has urged me to walk as soon/much as possible, it's healthy for the digestive system (especially after major shocks like surgery) to undergo the pumping/bellows action of walking and associated blood flow increase.

Several friends have visited me at home, for which I'm more than grateful. Today, one friend brought me two excellent quarts of kosher chicken broth from a kosher place near his home which are so much tastier than bouillon cubes (and likely have nowhere near as much sodium). I'm using those as-is and as the base for protein powder, they're great.

Anyway, since the Powerball was so high, I figured I'd walk down to Broadway and buy a few bucks worth of tickets. What the hell. I can't do my usual errands down there, which almost 100% of the time involve getting food and/or alcohol.

Just to check, I walked past the pizzeria at the bottom of the hill, the one I pass coming out of the subway on the way home. It still smelt like srs pizzeria. It wasn't as incredibly alluring as usual. Probably because my appetite is still suppressed by the surgery. We'll see.

Bought tickets. Managed to avoid buying anything else. Walked around the park and then back home, for a total of approximately 1 mile according to my iPhone.

Weight: 305.2

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