We were super busy at work yesterday. Normally everyone in my department is in on Tuesday, but there were only two of us holding the fort down. As a result the day flew by and I was exhausted by the end of my shift. I was so tired I almost walked out of the store without paying for the groceries I had picked up, I wanted to go to bed at 6:24 when I got home, but I made myself stay up and had a neighbor of mine stop by for wine and snacks. That part was unplanned, but we had a good chat. She liked what I had done in my closet and gave me some suggestions on how to go vertical with storage since horizontal space is at a premium these days.

Last night I stayed up later than I would have liked, but fortunately I was able to sleep in this morning since I don't have to be to work until 1:00. My job is going well, but I still have a lot of trouble with anxiety. My rash has calmed down a bit after dutifully applying cream whenever I think about it, but it is still incredibly itchy and annoying. I'm groggy and unfocused this morning, but you have to take your blessings into consideration when you can wash your B vitamin down with a swig of wine that sat out on the counter last night. Going to be a long day at work, not feeling like going in, but I will endure and thrive just like I usually do. Could go back to bed for a short nap and may try that.

Until next time,


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