A couple of weeks ago I went down to Illinois for a boot camp the company I work for sponsored. While I am always in favor of education I was a little upset mainly because I was going be gone on my daughter's birthday. What I learned at the conference was valuable for me because I was able to talk to a certified pedorthist about what kind of feet my children have. (If you thought that reading a daylog of mine was going to get you away from yet another footwear related writeup you should have known better however this time I'm going to talk about why I write about shoes).

The other day my boss told me I was doing a good job. For the month of May my name is on top of the performance list. One of the things my boss mentioned during my review was that I was good at my job because I genuinely cared about other people's feet. Part of what makes my job difficult are the people I work with and the other thing that frustrates me is seeing people walk out of my store without shoes that would be good for them or with shoes that I know will not be good for their feet.

Because my feet hurt I am sensitive to the pain of other people. If you tell me that your feet hurt and you disdain a shoe that you find amazingly comfort I'm going to discount your claim of pain and if you talk someone out of a shoe that they think feels great I am going to question your integrity. Your feet are the foundation the rest of your body depends upon. Throughout my work day I see people whose feet have been permanently disfigured. Most of these feet could have been helped had their owners understood what I'm telling them and there are a lot of people who wish they would have met someone like me a long time ago.

Sometimes I have to give people information they don't want to hear. The other day a ten year old girl came into the store I work at. Already her feet hurt and in my opinion it is simply an unresolved support issue. Certain types of feet have a predisposition to foot problems. If your foot is flexible and you have a tendency to pronate your foot could develop bunions. People with bunions are also more likely to have hammer toes. Having the proper support can avoid bunion development and while you can't get rid of bunions once you have them you can delay their growth by giving your foot the support it needs.

Both of my children have long, trim, narrow feet. While their feet are probably more attractive than mine they are both at risk for bunions, hammer toes and plantar faciitis. For people with low arches and flexible feet it is absolutely critical that their feet are properly supported. A lot of the people who come to see me and my coworkers are shopping there not because they want to but because we are willing to work with them and the feet they have to live with for the rest of their lives.

One of the things I struggle with is whether or not I should stay married. Intellectually I understand that every relationship is going to have its ups and downs. If you thought I was the perfect wife you were mistaken however I can not live with someone who does not support things that I feel passionately about. I'm sure anyone who has come home from work after a long day can appreciate the way that I felt when I opened the door and found that my oldest daughter (who keeps begging for a new pair of orthotics) now has a pair of Crocs.

For exactly one year I've been working for a company who understands what kind of damage Crocs can do to feet. While Crocs do have some cushioning ability there is inadequate support in them and apart from flip flops I would have a hard time thinking of a worse shoe you could put on someone who has a low arched flexible foot. My husband is a big believer in internet research so he went online to find sources supporting his claim that Crocs are not bad footwear choices for people. According to him WebMD actually recommends Crocs for kids although it is interesting to me that the recommender sells his own brand of CrocsRX.

There are a lot of people out there who have a great deal more education than I do. While I know more about shoes and feet than the average person I am not an orthopedic surgeon, a podiatrist or even a certified pedorthist so my husband claims that I do not know what I am talking about when I tell him that Crocs are not a good choice for their feet. Today I had a woman with three broken toes hug me after I helped her find shoes that would work with her healing foot. That woman will have to have her toes rebroken and set properly because she didn't think going to the doctor was necessary for broken toes.

No one I work with has any sort of medical degrees or training but I do believe that most of us know our limitations. I still have much to learn about shoes however there is also a lot of knowlege that I have acquired. I know what I know, I know there are things that I don't know and I know that having someone disrespect my professional opinion is not something I am going to put up with. I don't know what I'm going to do other than purchase good shoes for my children and this is what I struggle with. If I leave my kids are going to have more exposure to their father's parenting ideas but if I stay I'm showing them that it is okay for a husband to disregard his wife and not respect her personally or professionally.

I grew up in a home where a father put down the mother of his children. Today my mother makes pretty good money as the fiscal manager for a privately held company that works with federal, state and local governments to help under and un-employed works get more training and better jobs. My father is living on disability and unable to work because of his Parkinson's disease. For the most part I'm more like my father than my mother and I don't want my children growing up thinking that I'm stupid and my opinions are invalid merely because their father says so. 

This is probably an abrupt way to end but I don't have the answers and right now I'm too mad to think about positive ways I could handle my daughter and the Crocs. Tomorrow is my day off. I had planned on taking the girls shoe shopping and I guess what's really making me mad is the whole passive aggressive way this was handled. My husband knows I feel strongly about Crocs but he went out of his way to get my daughter a pair and maybe you agree with him that I don't have a medical degree so I'm not qualified to give diagnostic information to people but I know that those shoes are not good for her.

For whatever reason I care about the feet that are attached to people I can't stand and my argument to them is always you can't afford not to take good care of the feet you have because you don't know what kind of damage you could be doing to them. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day. I kind of doubt it and if you've ever wondered why I write things like day strangers it is because I need an escape from the things I can't handle and a home I can't get out of. I know that man is out there, I know that woman is frustrated and if I can give them a make believe world where things work out maybe I can get away from my own reality for a while.

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