I learned yesterday that one of my closest friends is soon to be a daddy. He is only 19 years old, practically still in nappies himself. This is terrifying. I don't know how the mother feels about it all- I didn't get to speak to her at all. In fact I can't remember the last time I even saw her. But the father assured me yesterday, over a phonecall, that they are both very happy about it.

And that's all that matters, their happiness. Even if he doesn't make enough money at his job to support himself, let alone a family, and will have to live at home, with his mother. Altho there's always child benefit, income support, &c. to keep the baby alive.

He said they were happy about it, anyway. The tone of his voice suggested something else. I could imagine him wondering whether throwing her down some stairs would be more effecient than stabbing the baby in there. Maybe it was simply that he couldn't believe it himself. But he didn't sound as excited about it as I thought he should have, he just sounded normal, like this was an everyday occurence, or he expected to wake up at any moment.

Was it so hard, to simply go out and buy a pack of condoms?

I'm not judging him, no, I think that it's a very good thing that a friend is pregnant, even more so that she's happy about it- that's how one hand feels. On the other hand, well, how many 19-year-olds know how to look after a baby? Come to think of it, how many 30-year-olds know how to look after a baby, the first time they have one? It isn't something you just automatically know after reaching a certain age and level of maturity. But at 30 most people will have a house and a job and the security that comes with all this. I don't want the kid to be forced into adoption. That would be devastating for the parents.

They'll be fine. Yea, they have nothing to worry about and if they don't then what am I needlessly fretting for? Hell, it's not my baby, and as BlackPawn pointed out, not my responsibility. But I can't help being so scared.

I suppose I have to buy them a congratulatory present or something. Now I'm rich it would be wrong of me not to.

Shit. I'll be an uncle. We can no longer go out cos they'll have a child to look after. Mustn't think like that tho. This is a beautiful thing that's happened.

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