• I finally planted the oak tree; grown from an acorn collected from my Nana's garden during the funeral. It has been growing in a pot. It is now tall enough to look like a tree, even to the man on the tractor who slashes the swampy park. It is across the road. I can see it from my window, off to one side so that it won't interrupt line-of-sight to Jenni's house, in case of wireless wrangling. I hope it gets its roots down before Summer. If it fairs well I have some other likely guerrilla plants. I have been rescuing seedlings from the driveway; a small eucalypt and a grevillea which would look right at home in the park.
  • Also planted a wattle and some seedlings from a pea flowered bush in our verge. There are some banksias there already, so hopefully it will start to attract more birds.
  • Potted up spinach, parsley, lemongrass, mint, salvia, oregano, and bay trees.
  • The washing machine is deceased so I am trekking with a wicker basket to likely laundries.
  • Couldn't sleep tonight so I am up making soup.

Originally published as Autistic Geek
Moved to Node Heaven

There once was an autistic* geek
Who was often encouraged to speak
The girls were such fun
He was totally stunned
Computer genes are at their peak

(*I can't help it, okay?)

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